painkiller resurrection

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painkiller resurrection

Post  teddy on Mon Feb 15, 2010 8:56 am

its a good oldschool game...kill everything you see game.your some bounty hunter...making his last kill and then going to retire,you planted the bomb under the mafia gang car and getting readey for it to blow up...
then passes the bus with like 6*12 people inside...the bomb blows up while you went to stop the bus...the bus...maffia and you blowed hird a strange laugh and you know that the devil hisself is welcoming you to hell... anyways it has many oldschool weapons like granade launcher,shotgun,some gun that shoots sticks(good for vampires)and painkiller...(a weapon that shoots beam,shoots blades.. and so on... ill get you my screenshot guys...didnt get good screenshot so i recoomend look:

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