WoodCutting Guide for new people.

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WoodCutting Guide for new people.

Post  Smexy on Sat Feb 13, 2010 12:35 pm

Here's a woodcutting tip for new people.

First off all get an axe. Depends on your stats and Money.
Doesn't matter.

Okay, go to Seers that is second teleport of the book thingy lol..

First start with ordinary trees
start cutting till 15 woodcutting level.

After you have gotten 15 wc level
There's a place for cutting Oak tree. Some how not every oak tree is cuttable.
Here is one that is cuttable.. P.S. Cute till 30

Okay next we must cut willows
from 30 till 45 level

From when you've reached 45 start cutting Maples there most closest near bank.
And cut till 60 for yews.

Okay, after getting 60 finally you can cut some not worthless logs lol, Yew logs...
Cut them till 75

After getting 75 you can go str8gth to 99 by cutting magic logs.
It's in woods near yew logs just go up and don't turn no were you could see that in map that it
has a tree sign on it..

Good Luck Getting 99..

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Re: WoodCutting Guide for new people.

Post  Dice on Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:31 am

Freaking cut the pics Very Happy
Otherwise 8/10,after cutting i make it golden.

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