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Easy Money/ Rune's Making Empty Easy Money/ Rune's Making

Post  Smexy on Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:03 am

Okay guys..
Many people ask me how i do so much money???

Go to Yannile Minning place and train on Copper Ores Till 30 Mining

Easy Money/ Rune's Making Mapyanille1

When you got 30

Just go by the Wizards tower and youl find ladders.. Go two times up then youl find teleport where you can mine rune essence.

Easy Money/ Rune's Making Wizmap
If you want to make good cash then mine alot of rune essence.

After you done that. Bring full inventory rune ess and go to were boss dad is

Youl find fire altar there then make fire runes till you get 20 runecrafting

after you got 20

get full inventory of rune ess again and go to

Nature rune altar, were you rune craft till 50

Easy Money/ Rune's Making Wizsmap

After you got 50 go to seers

WEST Of seers teleporting spot.
Youl find blood rune crafting place.. Its easy money make alot of Blood runes and sell them.. Sorry For not the best guide but i had really not much time to make this..
Enjoy and thank you Smile!

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Easy Money/ Rune's Making Empty Re: Easy Money/ Rune's Making

Post  Dice on Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:29 am

Good guide,golden thanks Smile

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